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The importance of children's rights

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In “a worth path” by eudora welty, how does phoenix distract the hunter ? a. she gets him to start dancing with her. b. she asks to see his gun. c. she gets him to focus on the dogs. d. she throws the nickel into the forest.
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The american has a long-standing love for african birds. 9. which words in the sentence function as adjectives? a long-standing. african b american, birds chas, for d american, long-standing
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Read this excerpt from "the light of gandhi's lamp" by hilary kromberg inglis, in which she describes driving to the police station where her sister is being detained. to avoid looking at the blackened windows at the top of the building and thinking about the history of who had died or been tortured there, i always looked instead at the little chinese restaurant on the opposite side of the road. how does this passage affect the text? it conveys, with great subtlety, the conflict she felt over having a sister who would break the law and end up in the custody of the police. it conveys, without any implied moral judgment, that those who fought against apartheid considered themselves to be soldiers in a just war. it conveys, with an extended metaphor, the idea that being detained by the police in this society was regarded as a badge of honor. it conveys, with direct language, the view held by many anti-apartheid activists that the police often acted in brutal and unlawful ways.
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Kyle and his brother have a marble set of the marbles 12 are blue this represent 50 over a hundred of all the marbles what decimal is equivalent to 50 / 100
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The importance of children's rights...

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