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Richard connell describes the coastline as "an unbroken front of snarled and ragged " why does he use the word "snarled"? a. because it reminds you of a friendly puppy. b. because it suggests something mean and angry. c. because it sounds nice. d. because it suggests something complicated and challenging.

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Now you will do a special kind of problem. you will use the blue boxes below to put events of the story "the baby-sitter" in correct order. each blue box has seven sentences inside it. click the first blue box until you see the first thing that happened in the story. then go on to the next box and the next thing that happened. the last thing that happened should be in the last box. you may need to look back at the story to you remember. if you change your mind at any time while you are working the problem, you can return to a box and click to find a different sentence. when you are all finished, you will be able to read down the list of sentences and see all seven events from the story in the right order. mary jo began to read the alphabet book. mary jo couldn't move. mother asked mary jo to baby-sit. jimmy was very quiet. he had fallen asleep. jimmy to read the book. mother said, "you are a very good baby-sitter." mother picked up sleeping jimmy.
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What does the author see as the main cause for why students don’t really see shakespeare as a real, flawed human being? we shouldn’t shy away from discussing our literary heroes’ flaws. if nothing else, the knowledge of their failures us appreciate what success and greatness these authors did achieve. often our hero-worship keeps us from truly seeing the complexity of a great author. thus, i would argue, nothing would be better for high school students than to take shakespeare down a peg or two. a) the fact that students never learn enough about shakespeares biography b) the fact that students only read shakespeare’s comedies while in school c) the fact that students are never assigned to read any shakespeare while in high school d) the fact that students only read shakespeare’s greatest works in school and thus never see his weaknesses
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Why does shelley consider great historians to be poets? a. lot of historical texts are in poetic form. b. many historians also write poetry. c. their sentences or words can be poetic. d. historians are good at writing poetry.
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If the court issues an injunction against the school's rule, will the petitioning students be glad or upset?
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Richard connell describes the coastline as "an unbroken front of snarled and ragged " why does he us...

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