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Richard connell describes the coastline as "an unbroken front of snarled and ragged " why does he use the word "snarled"? a. because it reminds you of a friendly puppy. b. because it suggests something mean and angry. c. because it sounds nice. d. because it suggests something complicated and challenging.

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In the zoo story, how was being raised by humans detrimental to herman?
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Which sentence best describes the diction of this passage? i ran down the field toward our goal. we hoped to score. i shot. the goalie dove. the ball sailed into the net we won a. the slow pace matches the excitement of the scene. b. the short, simple sentences make the pace fast. c. the use of / make this a first-person narrative. d. the author's tone is excited and genuine
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What information do newspapers usually print in the first paragraph of an article? o a. any quotes that they are going to use o b. where to look for additional information about the topie o c. all of the significant facts about the story o d. analysis of the story
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Which passage is the best example of deductive reasoning? a. aaron wants to try something new for lunch. he asks his coworkers what they like and then decides where to eat b. everyone in mr. kim’s class got an a on the test. casey is in mr. kim’s class, so he must have received an a on the test. c. petra sees that all the kids at her school walk home. tomorrow she will tell her mother she doesn’t need a ride home. d. saul is buying a present for his sister. he asks his mother for suggestions and then goes to the mall to find something.
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Richard connell describes the coastline as "an unbroken front of snarled and ragged " why does he us...

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