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Aresearch question is a thesis statement. true or false

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What do oddysseus men do in ismarus? 1)they pressent them self as suppliant 2)they burned the city killed the men kidnap the women and rob the homes 3)they get betray and attack by cyclone 4)they prepared an elaborate sacrifis for poiseidon
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Which statement best explains douglass's purpose​
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Using the library or the internet as a resource, locate and watch two different live production interpretations of act iii of our town. then, compare and contrast how the two interpretations represented the original play. did either of the interpretations make any changes to the original material? if so, how did it affect your experience as a viewer? did you interpret the characters any differently after watching the live productions? why or why not?
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Ineed with chapter 8 love aubrey chapter summary
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Aresearch question is a thesis statement. true or false...

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