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6. The humanistic perspective focuses on free will, Free will is your ability to OA. believe what others believe. B. make your own decisions. C. hide your personality from others. D. follow orders.

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Draw the engineering stress-strain curve for (a) bcc; (b) fcc metals and mark important points.
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Acertain flow of air (at stp) has a velocity distribution given by v i (in ft/s). if this flow is going through a 4 ft square area in the yz-plane (centered at the origin), what is the mass flow rate (in lbm/s)?
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Along 8-cm diameter steam pipe whose external surface temperature is 900c connects two buildings. the pipe is exposed to ambient air at 70c with a wind speed of 50 km/hr blowing across the pipe. determine the heat loss from the pipe per unit length. (b) air at 500c enters a section of a rectangular duct (15 cm x 20 cm) at an average velocity of 7 m/s. if the walls of the duct are maintained at 100c. a) the length of the tube for an exit temperature of the air to be 40 0c. b)the rate of heat transfer from the air. c) the fan power needed to overcome the pressure drop in this section of the duct.
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Consider a 1.2 meter high and 2 meter wide glass window whose thickness is 6 mm and thermal conductivity is 0.78 w/m °c. the room temperature is maintained at 24 °c, while the outdoor temperature is -5 °c. the convective heat transfer coefficients on the inner and outer surfaces of the window are 10 w/m2 °c and 25 w/m2 °c respectively. (a) draw the thermal resistance network, etermine the steady rate of heat transfer t e glass window (c) determine the temperature of the inner surface of the window
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6. The humanistic perspective focuses on free will, Free will is your ability to OA. believe what ot...

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