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A simply supported beam 4.5m span carry a udl of 30kn/m including of self weight . The width of beam 230 mm and reinforced on tension side only design smallest concrete section. Use M 20 and Fe 250 reinforcement Assume load factor according to IS 456 2000.

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Apump is used to circulate hot water in a home heating system. water enters the well-insulated pump operating at steady state at a rate of 0.42 gal/min. the inlet pressure and temperature are 14.7 lbf/in.2, and 180°f, respectively; at the exit the pressure is 60 lbf/in.2 the pump requires 1/15 hp of power input. water can be modeled as an incompressible substance with constant density of 60.58 lb/ft3 and constant specific heat of 1 btu/lb or. neglecting kinetic and potential energy effects, determine the temperature change, in °r, as the water flows through the pump.
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Ajournal bearing has a journal diameter of 3.250 in with a unilateral tolerance of 20.003 in. the bushing bore has a diameter of 3.256 in and a unilateral tolerance of 0.004 in. the bushing is 2.8 in long and supports a 700-lbf load. the journal speed is 900 rev/min. find the minimum oil film thickness and the maximum film pressure for both sae 20 and sae 20w-30 lubricants, for the tightest assembly if the operating film temperature is 160°f. a computer code is appropriate for solving this problem.
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Slip occurs via two partial dislocations because of (a) the shorter path of the partial dislocation lines; (b) the lower energy state through partial dislocations; (c) the charge balance.
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You are making beer. the first step is filling the glass carboy with the liquid wort. the internal diameter of the carboy is 15 in., and you wish to fill it up to a depth of 2 ft. if your wort is drawn from the kettle using a siphon process that flows at 3 gpm, how long will it take to fill?
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A simply supported beam 4.5m span carry a udl of 30kn/m including of self weight . The width of beam...

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