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The estimated mean failure is 0.0864 failures per 100 miles per day. Suppose a town had 1500 km of cast iron pipe underground in

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Aloaded platform of total mass 500 kg is supported by a dashpot and by a set of springs of effective stiffness 72 kn/m. it is observed that when the platform is depressed through a distance x = 12.5 cm below its equilibrium position and then released without any initial velocity; it reaches its equilibrium position in the shortest possible time without overshoot. find the position and velocity of the loaded platform 0.10 sec. after its release. if a further load of 400 kg is added to the platform, find, i) the frequency of damped vibrations, and i) the amplitude of vibration after 2 complete oscillations, given that the initial amplitude is 15 cm.
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Different types of steels contain different elements that alter the characteristics of the steel. for each of the following elements, explain what the element does when alloyed with steel.
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An air compression refrigeration system is to have an air pressure of 100 psia in the brine tank and an allowable air temperature increase of 60°f for standard vapor compression cycle temperatures of 77 f entering the expansion cylinder and 14 f entering the compression cylinder, calculate the coefficient of performance a. 2.5 b 3.3 c. 4.0 d. 5.0
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Derive the correction factor formula for conical nozzle i=-(1+ cosa) and calculate the nozzle angle correction factor for a nozzle whose divergence hal-fangle is 13 (hint: assume that all the mass flow originates at the apex of the cone.
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The estimated mean failure is 0.0864 failures per 100 miles per day. Suppose a town had 1500 km of...

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