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Which statements is true about international professionalism? The Washington Accord establishes universal criteria for engineering education. The Washington Accord establishes the criteria for obtaining the PE. None of the answers are correct An engineer with a PE licensure can receive a EUR ING license through a simple application, and vice versa, due to reciprocity agreements.

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Carbon dioxide gas expands isotherm a turbine from 1 mpa, 500 k at 200 kpa. assuming the ideal gas model and neglecting the kinetic and potential energies, determine the change in entropy, heat transfer and work for each kilogram of co2.
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Refrigerant-134a enters the compressor of a refrigerator as superheated vapor at 0.14 mpa and -10°c at a rate of 0.05 ka/s and leaves at 0.8 mpa and 50°c. the refrigerant is cooied in the condenser to 0.72 mpa and 26'c. it is then throttled to 0.15 mpa. sketch the t-s diagram for the system and evaluate: 6) the rate of heat removai from the refrigerated space (kw), it) the power input to the compressor (kw), ii) the isentropic efficiency of the compressor (%), and iv) the cop of the refrigerator.
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What is creep? what is stress relaxation?
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A)-in the process of engineering design, explain the contribution of material selection. b)- explain the procedure of synthesis as is employed in engineering design. c)- is there any relationship between ergonomics and engineering design? explain. d)- safety consideration in engineering design includes human, product and the enviroment . explain how safety will be incorporated into the design?
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Which statements is true about international professionalism? The Washington Accord establishes univ...

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