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En un plano acotado, el intervalo es la inversa de la pendiente?

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The higher the astm grain-size number, the coarser the grain is. a)-true b)-false
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Select any two (2) areas of applications of chain-drive. (clo4) a)-permanent lubrication necessary b)-hydraulic forklift truck operation c)-rigging and heavy moving materials d)-relatively high maintenance costs e)-costlier than belt drives
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Water vapor initially at 10 bar and 400 °c is contained within a piston-cylinder assembly. the water lost heat to the surrounding according to isochoric (iso-volumetric) process until its temperature is 150 °c. the water is then condensed isothermally to saturated liquid. for the water as a system, calculate the work in kj/kg
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What is a monomer? how do they form a ploymer from the view point of chemical bonding?
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En un plano acotado, el intervalo es la inversa de la pendiente?...

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