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What is the density of a substance that is in an area that measures 8' x 6' x 4', and has a mass
of 14 lbs?

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Analyze the factors that influence the choice between the following pairs of processes to make the products indicated: i) sand casting versus die casting of an electric-motor housing ii) thread rolling versus machining of a bolt for high-strength application. (co3/c5)
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Apure substance is a)-mixture of various chemical elements or compounds b)-substance that has a fixed chemical composition throughout c)-mixture that is homogeneous (such as air) d)-all the answers
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Atorsional viscous damper has a damping coefficient of120 n m s/rad. it is attached to a shaft which has a time dependent angular velocity of 30 cos100t rad/s. what is the energy dissipated by the torsional viscous damper between t=0 and t=0.3 sec?
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Consider the control system transfer function given by the rational expression: f(s) - (s4- 2s+41)s3-s2-s+1) obtain the response of the system flt)-t, for t0, or t 0. 1.
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