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Write a method that returns the sum of all the elements of an array of ints that have an odd index.

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Aworksheet is made up of organized in a grid of rows and columns. the of a worksheet defines its appearance. a(n) refers to a fixed cell location that never changes. rows are typically represented by and contain data for individual records. a describes the location of a cell based on its column and row location. item cells cell address format absolute reference numbers
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What stage of software development incorporates planning to make changes in the project plan based on reviews? 1 project startup 2 proposal stage 3 periodic checks 4 product delivery
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Me with this program in c++ ! computers represent color by combining sub-colors red, green, and blue (rgb). each sub-color's value can range from 0 to 255. thus (255, 0, 0) is bright red. (130, 0, 130) is a medium purple. (0, 0, 0) is black, (255, 255, 255) is white, and (40, 40, 40) is a dark gray. (130, 50, 130) is a faded purple, due to the (50, 50, 50) gray part. (in other word, equal amounts of red, green, blue yield gray).given values for red, green, and blue, remove the gray part. ex: if the input is 130 50 130, the output is: 80 0 80. thus, find the smallest value, and then subtract it from all three values, thus removing the gray.
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Define a class named movie. include private fields for the title, year, and name of the director. include three public functions withprototypes void movie: : settitle(cstring); , voidmovie: : setyear(int); , void movie: : setdirector(string); . includeanother function that displays all the information about a movie. write a main() function that declares a movie object namedmyfavoritemovie. set and display the object's fields. this is what i have but know its wrong since it will notcompile: #include#includeusing namespace std; //class declarationclass movie{private: string movietitle ; string movieyear; string directorname; public: void settitle(string title); void setyear(string year); void setdirector(string director); void displayinfo(); }; //class implementationvoid movie: : settitle(string title){ movietitle = title; cout< < "what is the title of themovie? "< > temp; myfavoritemovie. settitle(temp); cout< < "enter movie year"< > temp; myfavoritemovie. setyear(temp); cout< < "enter director'sname"< > temp; myfavoritemovie. setdirector(temp); //display all the data myfavoritemovie. displayinfo(); system("pause"); return 0; this code is not entirely mine someone on cramster edited my firstcode but then i try manipulating the new code and i still get acompile error message : \documents\visual studio 2008\projects\movie\movie\movie. cpp(46) : error c2679: binary '< < ' : no operator found which takes aright-hand operand of type 'std: : string' (or there is no acceptableconversion)c: \program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio9.0\vc\include\ostream(653): could be'std: : basic_ostream< _elem,_traits> & std: : operator< < > (std: : basic_ostream< _elem,_traits> & ,const char *)w
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Write a method that returns the sum of all the elements of an array of ints that have an odd index....

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