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Can two threads in the same process synchronize using a kernel semaphore if the threads are implemented by the kernel? what if they are implemented in user space? assume that no threads in any other processes have access to the semaphore. discuss your answers.

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What is displayed when the following code executes? var age = 19, score = 750; if ( age > = 21 & & score > = 700 ) { alert ("loan approved"); } else if ( age > = 21 & & score > = 650 ) { alert ("cosigner needed."); } else if ( age > = 18 & & score > = 680 ) { alert ("two cosigners needed."); } else { alert ("loan denied."); } a. loan approved. b. cosigner needed. c. two cosigners needed. d. loan denied.
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Show that for any leaf x in a binary search tree, if y is the parent of x, then either key[x] is the largesnt key in the tree smaller than key[y], or key[x] is the smallest key in the tree larger than the key[y].
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You have just been hired as an information security engineer for a large, multi-international corporation. unfortunately, your company has suffered multiple security breaches that have threatened customers' trust in the fact that their confidential data and financial assets are private and secured. credit-card information was compromised by an attack that infiltrated the network through a vulnerable wireless connection within the organization. the other breach was an inside job where personal data was stolen because of weak access-control policies within the organization that allowed an unauthorized individual access to valuable data. your job is to develop a risk-management policy that addresses the two security breaches and how to mitigate these risks. requirementswrite a brief description of the case study. it requires two to three pages, based upon the apa style of writing. use transition words; a thesis statement; an introduction, body, and conclusion; and a reference page with at least two references. use a double-spaced, arial font, size 12.
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In a compound condition, both conditions on either side of the logical operator and must be true for the overall condition to be true. a: true b: false
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