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Design a method for keeping two stacks within a single linear array s[spacesize] so that neither stack overflows until all of memory is used and an entire stack i s never shifted to a different location within the array. write java methods push1, push2, pop1, and pop2 to manipulate the two stacks. (hint: the two stacks grow toward each other.)

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How might the success of your campaign be affected if you haven’t carefully completed all field data or if you accidentally insert the wrong merge field in the document?
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Write a function called checkfactor that takes two arrays of positive numbers, firstnumberrow and secondnumberrow. checkfactor checks if the first entry in firstnumberrow is divisible by the first entry in secondnumberrow, and performs the same operation on the next array elements until all entries have been checked. all the numbers are positive and the number of entries in the arrays are the same. the function should return the identified divisible numbers in two row arrays named firstdivisible and seconddivisible. restrictions: branches or loops should not be used. the code must use the internal mod and logical functions. hint: the mod function should be used to determine if two numbers are divisible. ex: for num1 and num2 if mod(num1,num2) is 0, then the two numbers are divisible. this is matlab
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Based on the current economic situation do you expect the employment demand for graduating engineers to increase or decrease? explain the basis for your answer. with a significant economic recovery, what do you think will happen to future enrollments in graduating engineering programs?
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Design a method for keeping two stacks within a single linear array s[spacesize] so that neither sta...

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