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Hbr + h₂so₄ so₂ + br₂ + h₂o did h change oxidation number?

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Theoretically, which metal should be the most reactive? hydrogen lithium francium fluorine
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Apeak with a retention time of 407 s has a width at half-height (w1/2) of 7.6 s. a neighboring peak is eluted 17 s later with a w1/2 of 9.4 s. a compound that is known not to be retained was eluted in 2.5 s. the peaks are not baseline resolved. how many theoretical plates would be needed to achieve a resolution of 1.5?
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In order to calculate the amount of heat transferred you must know the __ and specific heat of the material, as well as the change in temperature. a. volume b. density c. mass d. enthalpy
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In a certain awuatic biome, the fish snd turtles feed on sea grasses. recently the availainlity of sea grassed in. that aquatic biome is diminishing. hence there is a severe cometeiton smonh the turtles and fish for food what type of comeptriotm exists between these two species
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Hbr + h₂so₄ so₂ + br₂ + h₂o did h change oxidation number?...

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