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Achemist dissolved crystals of an unknown substance into water at room temperature. he found that 33 g of the substance can be dissolved into 100 ml of water. what property of the unknown substance was the chemist most likely investigating? its solubility its rate of dissolution its chemical reaction to water its reaction to temperature changes

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According to the balanced chemical equation 5 h2c2o4(aq) + 2 mno4-(aq) + 6 h+(aq) → 10 co2(g) + 2 mn2+(aq) + 8 h2o(l) 0.875 grams of oxalic acid, h2c2o4 will react with moles of permanganate, mno4-.
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What is the temperature of one mole of helium gas at stp?
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Salicylic acid is a very important acid. it is used to synthesize the aspirin by treating with acetic anhydride. a 0.2015-g sample of salicylic acid was dissolved in a 100.00-ml volumetric flask, and the solution was diluted to the mark. a 10-ml aliquot of this solution was titrated with standard naoh (0.01130 + 0.2% n) to a phenolphthalein faint pink color end point at 19.81 ml. (a) (calculate the normality of the salicylic acid solution used in the titration. (b) assuming the salicylic acid is pure, what is the equivalent weight of the salicylic acid? practice problems for the final exam (continued) (c) (calculate the inherent error in the determination of the equivalent weight you calculated in part (b). use the following absolute errors in the equipment /glassware when calculating the inherent error. 5.00-ml pipet: + 0.02 ml 100-ml volumetric flask: + 0.08 ml analytical balance: + 0.2 mg 25-ml buret: + 0.03 ml
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How many grams of co(g) are there in 74.5 ml of the gas at 0.933 atm and 30o c?
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Achemist dissolved crystals of an unknown substance into water at room temperature. he found that 33...

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