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Give the number of significant figures in this number: 0.070

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Which of the following pressures is equal to 760 mm hg? 2.0 atm 101.3 pa 101,300 kpa 101,300 pa
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3. which choice most accurately describes how alkyl groups activate an aromatic ring for eas? a. inductively donating, resonance withdrawing b. inductively withdrawing, resonance donating c. resonance withdrawing, inductively withdrawing d. inductively donating with no resonance effect e. resonance donating, inductively donating
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Ted and emily played a mixed doubles tennis match against jack and brenda. in the second match. ted and brenda played against jack and emily. which type of chemical reaction does the situation demonstrate?
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Name two standards for a good hem. (family and consumer science, sewing)
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Give the number of significant figures in this number: 0.070...

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