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The mass of a rock is 2.491g. its volume is 1.71 ml. what is the density

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Which of these sequences lists the correct order for the creation of sedimentary rock from sediment? a. deposition, burial, compaction, cementation b. burial, deposition, compaction, cementation c. compaction, deposition, burial, cementation d. cementation, deposition, burial, compaction
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If the water temperature in your experiment was measured as 28.3°c and the barometric pressure was given as 753 mmhg, what volume of h2(g) would you expect to produce if you reacted .38g of calcium metal with excess hcl?
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Which factor is likely to impact the possible number of compounds ?
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I'm learning about the periodic tables and what each subject's configuration is. for example, hydrogen is 1s^1, but i don't understand how you get that. can someone me understand how to figure out how to figure this out? sorry if the question makes no sense, but it would really a lot if you could me understand! you so much if you can!
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The mass of a rock is 2.491g. its volume is 1.71 ml. what is the density...

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