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What are the elements that make up aspirin

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Of h+ to oh- at a ph = 6.of h+ to oh- in b of .h+ by oh- .in a of .of h+ to oh- at a ph = 6.? or ?in a.
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In vapor-liquid equilibrium in a binary mixture, both components are generally present in both phases. how many degrees of freedom are there for such a system? the reaction between nitrogen and hydrogen to form ammonia occurs in the gas phase. how many degrees of freedom are there for this system? steam and coal react at high temperatures to form hydrogen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and methane. the following reactions have been suggested as being involved in the chemical transformation:
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Electromagnets coils of wire paper clips picked up 10 3 15 6 20 9 25 12 ms. owens' class was studying magnets. ms. owens showed her students how to make an electromagnet using a nail, a d-cell battery, and plastic coated wire. the students wrapped the wire around the nail and then attached the ends to the battery. when they were finished, they tested their magnets by investigating how many paperclips their magnets could pick up. they also tested whether they could increase the strength of their electromagnets by using more coils of wire. they recorded the class average of their results in the data table seen here. ms. owens asked her students to graph their data in a line graph. how should the students label the x-axis on their line graph? a) size of battery b) number of paper clips c) number of coils of wire d) strength of electromagnet
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What is the indicator of the number of ions in solution? the amount of conductivity the amount of precipitate the amount of solute added
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What are the elements that make up aspirin...

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