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In the diagram, the arrow shows the movement of electric charges through a wire connected to a battery. what causes the electric charges to flow from one end of the battery to the other?

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Which of the following elements would you expect to have the lowest ionization energy value? fluorine, lithium, neon, nitrogen
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Ase your answer to this question on the information below. hydrocarbons and fissionable nuclei are among the sources used for the production of energy in the united states. a chemical reaction produces much less energy than a nuclear reaction per mole of reactant. the balanced chemical equation below represents the reaction of one molecule of a hydrocarbon with two molecules of oxygen. chemical equation: ch4 + 2o2 → co2 + 2h2o + 1.48 × 10−18 jthe nuclear equation below represents one of the many possible reactions for one fissionable nucleus. in this equation, x represents a missing product. nuclear equation: write an isotopic notation for the missing product represented by x in the nuclear equation.
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Free answer. the treaty of versailles ended world war i, but some of the terms of the treaty contributed to the beginning of world war ii. which was one of the terms of the treaty? the answer would be "germany was forces to pay reparations to the allied countries.". i hope this .
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What type(s) of intermolecular forces are expected between ch3ch2cooh molecules? dipole forces, induced dipole forces, hydrogen bonding
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In the diagram, the arrow shows the movement of electric charges through a wire connected to a batte...

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