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Is a pure element a heterogenous or homogeneous mixture and why

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Dying the folding patterns of protein molecules can microbiologists better understand cellular processes as well as some diseases, such as alzheimer’s, that are caused by proteins that have misfolded. the folding of these complicated molecules can be simulated on computers, but it takes a lot of processor power and time for even expensive supercomputers to do this. a group of researchers at stanford university developed software that can be used to distribute the processing of data to anyone who is willing to donate time on their idle personal computers. as a result, the researchers have been able to achieve protein-folding simulations that are far better than those other computing methods have done. which statement best describes the work of these researchers? the work is not scientific because the data are not processed in one location. the work is not scientific because the simulations are not reproducible. the researchers applied creativity to solve a problem in running an experiment. the researchers used only well-established scientific techniques.
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How would the number of moles (n) of o2 change if the atmospheric pressure doubled but all other variables stayed the same
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What is the main reason why some developing countries fear the increase the free trade policies around the world?
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6. using 3 – 4 sentences explain (in your own words) why water expands when it freezes? 7. using your knowledge of colligative properties explain whether sodium chloride or calcium chloride would be a more effective substance to melt the ice on a slick sidewalk. use 3 – 4 sentences in your explanation.
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Is a pure element a heterogenous or homogeneous mixture and why...

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