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Plzz help ill give 50 points just plz do this someone

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Adilute aqueous potassium nitrate solution is
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What is the ph of a solution that has a hydrogen ion concentration of 1.0 * 10 -9 m?
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Arrange the elements in order of increasing electronegativity. use the periodic table to you arrange the elements. p o k mg
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In november 1987, a massive iceberg broke loose from the antartic ice mass and floated free in the ocean. the chunk of ice was estimated to be 98 mi long, 25 mi wide, and 750 ft thick. a typical backyard swimming pool contains about 24,000 gallons of water. how many of these pools could you fill from the water in this iceberg? (assume the iceberg is a rectangular solid of the above dimensions and consists of water only). express answer in scientific notation.
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Plzz help ill give 50 points just plz do this someone...

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