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How mant liters at STP are in 0.575 moles of Kr​

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Match the name of the following compound:   mgso4  · h2omagnesium sulfate monohydratemagnesium (ii) sulfate monohydratemagnesium (ii) sulfate hydratemagnesium sulfate hydrate
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This chart lists four kinds of polymers and their sources. what can be known about all four polymers, despite their differences? they come from living things. they share ionic carbon bonds. they are at least 100 monomers long. they are made of repeating subunits.
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Is a chemical message sent by another individual.
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Which of the following is true about the speed of light? it depends on the wavelength.
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How mant liters at STP are in 0.575 moles of Kr​...

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