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Compound ΔG∘f (kJ/mol) A +387.7 B +550.7 C +402.0 Use the data given here to calculate the values of ΔG∘rxn at 25 ∘ C for the reaction described by the equation A+B↽−−⇀C If ΔH∘rxn and ΔS∘rxn are both negative values, what drives the spontaneous reaction and in what direction at standard conditions? ΔG∘rxn= kJ The spontaneous reaction is enthalpy-driven to the left. enthalpy-driven to the right. entropy-driven to the right. entropy-driven to the left.

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Observation and experimentation have led many scientists to accept a theory about the origin of the universe. this theory is called the big bang theory. scientific evidence collected and observed by scientists around the world suggests that the universe is ever expanding from a hot and dense initial state. what makes this a scientific theory? (2 points)
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Compound ΔG∘f (kJ/mol) A +387.7 B +550.7 C +402.0 Use the data given here to calculate the values of...

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