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What type of weathering breaks down into smaller pieces

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Ammonia gas can be prepared by the reaction cao(s)+2nh4cl(s)⟶2nh3(g)+h2o(g)+cac l2(s) cao(s)+2nh4cl(s)⟶2nh3(g)+h2o(g)+cac l2(s) in an experiment, 31.0 g31.0 g of ammonia gas, nh3nh3 , is produced when it was predicted that 44.7 g nh344.7 g nh3 would form. what is the theoretical yield of nh3nh3 ?
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Ibeg i need 20. a reaction produces 4.93 l of oxygen, but was supposed to produce 1 mol of oxygen. what is the percent yield?
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At a temperature of 393 k, the temperature of a sample of nitrogen is 1.07 atm what will the pressure be at a temperature of 478 k
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Ineed ! how many grams of h2o are formed when 10.0g of c8h18 burns? original chemical equation is: 2c8h18+25o2 yields 16co2+18h2o you! : )
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What type of weathering breaks down into smaller pieces...

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