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During which two processes does a substance release energy

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The alkali metals (group 1) consist of lithium (3), sodium (11), potassium (19), rubidium (37), cesium (55), and francium (87). they are soft, metallic solids with low densities and low melting points. based on the data shown in figure 1, how many valence electrons do alkali metals share?
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How many moles of magnesium is 3.01 x10^22 atoms of magnesium?
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The rate law for the decomposition of phosphine (ph3) isbelow. it takes 120. s for 1.00 m ph3 to decrease to0.250 m. how much time is required for 5.00 m ph3 to decrease to aconcentration of 0.335 m?
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The complex ion [cobr6]3− is a high-spin complex and absorbs light at a wavelength greater than 7.70×102 nm . how many unpaired electrons will be present in the complex?
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During which two processes does a substance release energy...

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