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Frictional forces acting on an object are often converted into energy, which causes the temperature of the object to rise slightly.

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In 1901, thomas edison invented the nickel-iron battery. the following reaction takes place in the battery. fe(s) + 2 nio(oh)(s) + 2 h2o(l) fe(oh)2(s) + 2 ni(oh)2(aq) how many mole of fe(oh)2, is produced when 4.20 mol fe and 6.70 mol nio(oh) react?
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Each step in the following process has a yield of 70% ch4 + 4cl2 yield ccl4 +4hcl ccl4 + 2hf yield ccl2f2 + 2hcl of 4.50 mole ch4 reacts what is the total amount of hcl produced
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Match the vocabulary terms to their definitions. 1 . a long, chain-like set of molecules made up of repeating units joined end to end polymer 2 . a hard, brittle, heat- and corrosion-resistant material made by subjecting a nonmetallic mineral mixture to intense heat ceramic 3 . a plastic with low elongations that cannot be recycled thermoset 4 . a carbon fiber embedded in a polymer resin matrix thermoplastic 5 . a plastic with high elongations that can be recycled crystal 6 . a solid form resulting from the arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in definite geometric patterns composite
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Weight is a measure of: inertia force matter mass
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Frictional forces acting on an object are often converted into energy, which causes the temperature...

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