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What is the formula used to calculate the heat required to warm or cool one phase of matter

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Rocks, as they are compressed, begin forming mountains above the earth's surface when two continental plates converge. the continental crust increases in depth as the mountains grow above. the himalayan mountains formed at a convergent plate boundary in this manner. the rocks are smashed together causing them to due to the intense heat and pressure from the colliding plates and eventually forming rock. a) melt; igneous b) layer; sedimentary c) recrystallize; metamorphic d) melt into the earth's interior; metamorphic
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Astudent wishes to determine the heat capacity of a coffee-cup calorimeter. after she mixes 105.1 g of water at 68°c with 105.1 g of water, already in the calorimeter, at 19.7°c, the final temperature of the water is 35.0°c. calculate the heat capacity of the calorimeter in j/k. use 4.184 j/g°c as the specific heat of water. enter to 1 decimal place.
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Which of the following statements are incorrect?
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Sand is more likely than shale to preserve fossils. true false
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What is the formula used to calculate the heat required to warm or cool one phase of matter...

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