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Those that follow actinium (ac) are called

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Which of these conditions most likely produces an unstable isotope?
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Will give ! what are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power? check all that apply. one advantage of nuclear energy is that it does not produce carbon dioxide emissions. storage of nuclear waste is a short-term problem associated with nuclear energy. the problem with uranium mining is that a large quantity of uranium must be extracted to meet energy needs because the energy release from uranium fission is so low. safe operation of a nuclear power plant can be jeopardized by a human mistake.
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What role does weathering have in shaping earth’s surface? a) it allows sediments to fall out of a medium. b) it sediments settle on a new surface. c) it breaks down older material into sediments. d) it transports sediments to a different location. will give brainliest, answer quickly.
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Those that follow actinium (ac) are called...

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