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What is a valence electron and why are they so important to a chemist?

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How many atoms are in 1.4 mil of phosphorus trifluoride (pf3)
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Where are each of the three particles located within the atom?
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Ineed ! it’s science and it’s due tomorrow!
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For a patient with the following pes statement and interventions, which would be the most appropriate monitoring and evaluating data? pes statement: inadequate calcium intake related to food and nutrition related knowledge deficit as evidenced by statements that the only dietary source of calcium is milk and she believes that she is lactose intolerant. patient’s nutrition prescription is for a diet providing 1200 mg calcium per day. patient was provided with in-depth nutrition education on alternative dietary and supplement sources of calcium. a. calcium intake (at subsequent visit) b. knowledge assessment by asking patient to identify food sources from menus and shopping list (at the end of the current visit) c. serum calcium (at next visit) d. both a and b e. both a and c
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What is a valence electron and why are they so important to a chemist?...

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