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Ineed . asap! look at the picture below.

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Which of the following may one conclude from a map that shows the average ph value of rainfall in the u. s.? a) acid rain is a more serious problem on the east coast. b) acid rain falls equivalently across the continental u. s. c) there are more factories on the west coast. d) the midwest has fewer forests than the rest of the u. s.
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Calculate the molality of 1.80 mol kcl in 16.0 mol of h2o .
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Cucl2 + 2nano3 cu(no3)2 + 2nacl what is the percent yield of nacl if 31.0 g of cucl2 reacts with excess nano3 to produce 21.2 g of nacl? 49.7% 58.4% 63.6% 78.7%
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21. consider the following chemical reaction: n2+ o2 2 no if 10.0 g of n2 reacts with excess oxygen then how many grams of no can be formed? a) 10.7 g b) 21.4 g c) 32.9 g d) 42.8 g page 4 of 8
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Ineed . asap! look at the picture below....

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