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Arrange the non-covalent interactions in order of strength

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Based on the law of conservation of energy, which statement is false? answer- energy is lost when machines dont work right
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The big bang nucleosynthesis theory states that elements were produced in the first few minutes of the big bang while elements have their origins in the interiors of stars, forming much later in the history of the universe.
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Four people weigh a standard mass of 10.00 g on the same balance. the first person obtains a reading of 12.00 g. the second person reads 12.02 g. the third person reads 11 99g the fourth person reads 12.01 g these readings suggest the balance is: a. precise b. accurate c. neither accurate nor precise d. accurate and precise
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When a device is used in a circuit in which the voltage is 81 v the current flowing through the device is 3 a what is the resistance of the device
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Arrange the non-covalent interactions in order of strength...

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