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How would you tell a girl you really have feelings about her. I need to tell her I feel about her. What can i say?

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Karen is working on classifying all her company’s products in terms of whether they have strong or weak market share and whether this share is in a slow or growing market. what type of strategic framework is she using?
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You work as the sales manager for a company that sells office supplies to businesses of all sizes. because the profit margins are razor-thin, you need to ensure that you are getting the very best prices on paper, pencils, pens, post-it notes, and other office supplies from the manufacturers. when reviewing the quarterly profit statement, you realize that your costs are higher than they should be, and you trace the higher costs back to an employee who has been lax about getting competitive bids to ensure the lowest prices. when you conduct your research to determine the reason for the higher costs, and take action to bring those costs back down, in which of the key management processes are you taking part?
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For each of the following situations, indicate whether you agree or disagree with the financial reporting practice employed and state the basic assumption, component, or accounting principle that is applied (if you agree) or violated (if you disagree).wagner corporation adjusted the valuation of all assets and liabilities to reflect changes in the purchasing power of the dollar. spooner oil company changed its method of accounting for oil and gas exploration costs from successful efforts to full cost. no mention of the change was included in the financial statements. the change had a material effect on spooner's financial statements. cypress manufacturing company purchased machinery having a five-year life. the cost of the machinery is being expensed over the life of the machinery. rudeen corporation purchased equipment for $180,000 at a liquidation sale of a competitor. because the equipment was worth $230,000, rudeen valued the equipment in its subsequent balance sheet at $230,000.davis bicycle company received a large order for the sale of 1,000 bicycles at $100 each. the customer paid davis the entire amount of $100,000 on march 15. however, davis did not record any revenue until april 17, the date the bicycles were delivered to the customer. gigantic corporation purchased two small calculators at a cost of $32.00. the cost of the calculators was expensed even though they had a three-year estimated useful life. esquire company provides financial statements to external users every three years.
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Which of the following best explains the purpose of a supply schedule? a. to calculate how much time it takes for distribution. b. to indicate how supply and demand relate to price. c. to show the relationship between quantity supplied and prices. d. to demonstrate how the supply decreases as price increases.
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How would you tell a girl you really have feelings about her. I need to tell her I feel about her. W...

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