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Department a had 5,000 units in work in process that were 60% completed as to labor and overhead at the beginning of the period; 34,000 units of direct materials were added during the period; 31,000 units were completed during the period; and 2,000 units were 80% completed as to labor and overhead at the end of the period. all materials are added at the beginning of the process. the first-in, first-out method is used to cost inventories. the number of equivalent units of production for material costs for the period was

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mark, a civil engineer, entered into a contract with david. as per the contract, mark agreed to design and build a house for david for a specified fee. mark provided david with an estimation of the total cost and the contract was mutually agreed upon. however, during construction, when mark increased the price due to a miscalculation on his part, david refused to pay the amount. this scenario is an example of a mistake.
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Suppose portugal has 700 workers and 26,000 units of capital, and france has 18,000 workers and 700 units of capital. technology is identical in both countries. assume that wine is the capital-intensive good and cloth is the labor-intensive good. which of the following statements is correct if the nations start trading with each other? a) wages will increase in portugal. b) rental rates in france will increase. c) wages in france will decrease. d) rental rates in portugal will increase.
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Which of the following statements about revision is most accurate? (a) you must compose first drafts quickly (sprint writing) and return later for editing. (b) careful writers always revise as they write. (c) revision is required for only long and complex business documents. (d) some business writers prefer to compose first drafts quickly and revise later; others prefer to revise as they go.
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The cost of direct labor used in production is recorded as a? a. credit to work-in-process inventory account. b. credit to wages payable. c. credit to manufacturing overhead account. d. credit to wages expense.
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Department a had 5,000 units in work in process that were 60% completed as to labor and overhead at...

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