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You are an entrepreneur with an innovative idea for a new business. in which kind of economy would you have the most opportunity to try to achieve success?

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Demographic characteristics are commonly used to segment a market because they are closely related to consumers' product needs and purchasing behavior. t/f
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Intronix uses copy editors, computer graphics specialists, and java programmers to produce ads for magazines and the internet. the average new ad for magazines typically requires 180 hours of a copy editor's time and 135 hours of a computer graphics specialist's time, whereas ads produced for the internet require 35 hours of copy editor time, 195 hours of computer graphics time, and 60 hours of a java programmer's time. lassie food, a dog food manufacturer, has hired intronix to produce ads in the next four week. although currently it considers magazine ads 3 times more valuable than internet ads, it still wishes to have at least 2 of each produced within the next four weeks. intronix has assigned up to 3 copy editors, 4 computer graphics specialists, and 1 java programmer, each committed to work up to 70 hours per week on the project. how many of each type of ad should be produced to maximize the overall value to lassie foods
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Cynthia is a hospitality worker in the lodging industry who prefers to cater to small groups of people. she might want to open a
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If a product goes up in price, and the demand for it drops, that product's demand is a. elastic b. inelastic c. stable d. fixed select the best answer from the choices provided
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You are an entrepreneur with an innovative idea for a new business. in which kind of economy would y...

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