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Jimmi wants a new cellular phone that many other people also want to buy. there are not enough phones produced to fill the demand. this is known as
a) rarity.
b) scarcity.
c) production cost.
d) opportunity cost

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Outstanding stock consists of 8,300 shares of cumulative 7% preferred stock with a $10 par value and 4,300 shares of common stock with a $1 par value. during the first three years of operation, the corporation declared and paid the following total cash dividends. year dividend declared 2016 $ 0 2017 $ 7,300 2018 $ 45,000 the amount of dividends paid to preferred and common shareholders in 2018 is:
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Aplaintiff brought a suit for negligence against an employee of a small grocery store. the plaintiff had slipped on an area of the floor that was wet due to the employee tipping over a large container of water. immediately after the plaintiff fell, the store manager asked the employee to tell him what happened, and made notes of the employee’s explanation. at trial, the plaintiff called the store manager who testified that he had spoken with the employee following the incident but could not remember what the employee said. the plaintiff provided the store manager with the notes. after reviewing the notes, the store manager stated that he could testify as to his conversation with the employee. the store manager then testified that the employee stated he had spilled the water but failed to put up a sign or clean it up, causing the plaintiff to fall. the employee objected to the store manager’s testimony. is the store manager’s testimony about the substance of the employee’s statements admissible? ayes, because the store manager created the notes of the employee’s explanation.
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Ahigh school student working part time as a shelf stocker had a gross income of 6675 last year if his federal taxrate was 10% and his state tax rate was 3% what was the amount withheld from his pay last year in federal tax state and fica combined
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Alarge tank is filled to capacity with 500 gallons of pure water. brine containing 2 pounds of salt per gallon is pumped into the tank at a rate of 5 gal/min. the well-mixed solution is pumped out at the same rate. find the number a(t) of pounds of salt in the tank at time t.
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Jimmi wants a new cellular phone that many other people also want to buy. there are not enough phone...

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