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Andy has a remaining balance of $315 on his credit card. his credit card company has an apr of 18 percent. how much will andy pay in interest for one month?

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24. hitchens inc. produces and sells two products. data concerning those products for the most recent month appear below: product v06z product u85z sales $38,000 $82,000 variable expenses $14,600 $31,000 the fixed expenses of the entire company were $24,010. the break-even point for the entire company is closest to: a. $33,817 b. $38,726 c. $34,160 d. $24,010
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Performance appraisal is best defined as the process of: (a) giving formal feedback on how well an employee is performing his or her job. (b) developing objectives that specify how each department will support organizational goals. (c) creating a back-up plan along with the original strategic plan. (d) identifying people interested in holding a particular job or working for the organization
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You are a car maufacturer and you are considering a new car model designed for teenagers. you would like to know what teenagers would like in an automobile.
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After the price floor is instituted, the chairman of productions office buys up any barrels of gosum berries that the producers are not able to sell. with the price floor, the producers sell 300 barrels per month to consumers, but the producers, at this high price floor, produce 700 barrels per month. how much producer surplus is created with the price floor? show your calculations.
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Andy has a remaining balance of $315 on his credit card. his credit card company has an apr of 18 pe...

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