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The zinger corporation is considering an investment that has the following data: cash inflows occur evenly throughout the year. the payback period for this investment is:

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Aldrich and co. sold goods to donovan on credit. the amount owed grew steadily, and finally aldrich refused to sell any more to donovan unless donovan signed a promissory note for the amount due. donovan did not want to but signed the note because he had no money and needed more goods. when aldrich brought an action to enforce the note, donovan claimed that the note was not binding because it had been obtained by economic duress. was he correct? [aldrich & co. v. donovan, 778 p.2d 397 (mont.)]
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1. descriptive statistics quickly describe large amounts of data can predict future stock returns with surprising accuracy statisticians understand non-numeric information, like colors refer mainly to patterns that can be found in data 2. a 15% return on a stock means that 15% of the original purchase price of the stock returns to the seller at the end of the year 15% of the people who purchased the stock will see a return the stock is worth 15% more at the end of the year than at the beginning the stock has lost 15% of its value since it was originally sold 3. a stock purchased on january 1 cost $4.35 per share. the same stock, sold on december 31 of the same year, brought in $4.75 per share. what was the approximate return on this stock? 0.09% 109% 1.09% 9% 4. a stock sells for $6.99 on december 31, providing the seller with a 6% annual return. what was the price of the stock at the beginning of the year? $6.59 $1.16 $7.42 $5.84
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Scenario: you have advised the owner of bond's gym that the best thing to do would be to raise the price of a monthly membership. the owner wants to know what may happen once this price increase goes into effect. what will most likely occur after the price of a monthly membership increases? check all that apply. current members will pay more per month. the quantity demanded for memberships will decrease. the number of available memberships will increase. the owner will make more money. bond's gym will receive more membership applications.
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The different concepts in the architecture operating model are aligned with how the business chooses to integrate and standardize with an enterprise solution. in the the technology solution shares data across the enterprise.
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The zinger corporation is considering an investment that has the following data: cash inflows occur...

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