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Perceptions for which there are no appropriate external stimuli are called and the most common type among people suffering from schizophrenia is

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Areversing entry is the exact opposite of an adjusting entry made in a previous period: a)is made when a business disposes of an asset it previously purchased. b)is made when a company sustains a loss in one period and reverses the effect with a profit in the next period. c)reverses entries that were made in error.
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Acustomer at danielle, a french restaurant, complains to jason, the owner, about a specialty dessert being unacceptable. jason inspects the dessert and finds that brie, a type of cheese, is overripe. jason questions the new pastry chef, mario, who acknowledges he should have substituted another type of cheese for the brie. jason analyzes the situation and concludes that mario should be put through additional training to avoid such mistakes in the future. what type of analysis has jason performed in this situation?
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Arapid increase in the population of a city or town is most likely to lead to which of the following? a. higher-paying jobs. b. low housing prices. c. a seller's market. d. a drop in population density. 2b2t
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Intronix uses copy editors, computer graphics specialists, and java programmers to produce ads for magazines and the internet. the average new ad for magazines typically requires 180 hours of a copy editor's time and 135 hours of a computer graphics specialist's time, whereas ads produced for the internet require 35 hours of copy editor time, 195 hours of computer graphics time, and 60 hours of a java programmer's time. lassie food, a dog food manufacturer, has hired intronix to produce ads in the next four week. although currently it considers magazine ads 3 times more valuable than internet ads, it still wishes to have at least 2 of each produced within the next four weeks. intronix has assigned up to 3 copy editors, 4 computer graphics specialists, and 1 java programmer, each committed to work up to 70 hours per week on the project. how many of each type of ad should be produced to maximize the overall value to lassie foods
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Perceptions for which there are no appropriate external stimuli are called and the most common type...

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