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Which does not describe a property of nicotine?

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On november 1, 2015, ambrose company sold merchandise to a foreign customer for 100,000 fcus with payment to be received on april 30, 2016. at the date of sale, ambrose entered into a six-month forward contract to sell 100,000 lcus. it properly designates the forward contract as a cash flow hedge of a foreign currency receivable. the following exchange rates apply: date spot rate forward rate (to april 30, 2016) november 1, 2015 $0.53 $0.52 december 31, 2015 0.50 0.48 april 30, 2016 0.49 n/a ambrose’s incremental borrowing rate is 12 percent. the present value factor for four months at an annual interest rate of 12 percent (1 percent per month) is 0.9610. a. prepare all journal entries, including december 31 adjusting entries, to record the sale and forward contract.
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Burberry is pursuing a focused differentiation strategy aimed at high-end luxury customers. however, the company is also employing a segmentation strategy to separate customers within that focus. the strategy offers items at an entry-level price point for customers who desire to be like celebrities such as sarah jessica parker as well as couture items for those richest and celebrity customers. what strategy is burberry pursuing?
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Steffi is reviewing various licenses and their uses. match the licenses to their respective uses. you are eligible to work within the state. you are eligible to sell limited investment securities. you are eligible to sell fixed income investment products. your compensation is fee based. section 6 section 7 section 63 section 65
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What is the surface area of the cylinder. h=9 ft and r=14 ft​
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