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What name is given to a set of organs that work together to perform a specific function? a centriole b phylum c system d tissue?

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Required: use the high-low method to estimate total fixed cost and variable cost per cavity filled. using these estimates, calculate mountain’s total cost for filling 500 cavities. how closely does your estimate match the actual cost for march? if they are different, explain why.
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Carlos would like to start saving for his son’s college expenses. which type of savings account should carlos open? ida money market 529 plan basic savings account
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Grenoble enterprises had sales of $50,000 in march and $60,000 in april. forecast sales for may-july are $70,000, 80,000, 100,000 respectively. the firm has a cash balance of $5000 on may 1 and wishes to maintain cash balance of $5,000, given the following data prepare and interpret a cash budget for the months of may, june and july. 1. the firm makes 20% of sales for cash, 60% are collected the next month and the remaining 20% are collected in the second month following sale 2. the firm receives other income of $2000 per month 3. the firm's actual or expected purchases, all made for cash are 50,000, 70,000, and 80,000 for the months may- june respectively 4. rent is $3,000 per month 5. wages and salaries are 10% of the previous month's sales 6. cash dividends of $3,000 will be paid in june 7.payment of principal and interest of $4,000 is due in june. 8. a cash purchase of equiptment costing $6,000 is scheduled in july 9. taxes of $6,000 are due in june complete the first month of the cash budget for grenoble enterprises
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If foster company acquires all of the common stock of bava, inc. where will the entries necessary to arrive at consolidated balances appear?
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What name is given to a set of organs that work together to perform a specific function? a centriol...

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