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Money manager of a 4.82 million investment fund

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Alicia has a collision deductible of $500 and a bodily injury liability coverage limit of $50,000. she hits another driver and injures them severely. the case goes to trial and there is a verdict to compensate the injured person for $40,000 how much does she pay?
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Cash flows during the first year of operations for the harman-kardon consulting company were as follows: cash collected from customers, $385,000; cash paid for rent, $49,000; cash paid to employees for services rendered during the year, $129,000; cash paid for utilities, $59,000. in addition, you determine that customers owed the company $69,000 at the end of the year and no bad debts were anticipated. also, the company owed the gas and electric company $2,900 at year-end, and the rent payment was for a two-year period.
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Trecek corporation incurs research and development costs of $625,000 in 2017, 30 percent of which relate to development activities subsequent to ias 38 criteria having been met that indicate an intangible asset has been created. the newly developed product is brought to market in january 2018 and is expected to generate sales revenue for 10 years. assume that a u. s.–based company is issuing securities to foreign investors who require financial statements prepared in accordance with ifrs. thus, adjustments to convert from u. s. gaap to ifrs must be made. ignore income taxes. required: (a) prepare journal entries for research and development costs for the years ending december 31, 2017, and december 31, 2018, under (1) u. s. gaap and (2) ifrs. (c) prepare the entry(ies) that trecek would make on the december 31, 2017, and december 31, 2018, conversion worksheets to convert u. s. gaap balances to ifrs.
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Economies of scope often occur when a firm is using the diversification strategy because the firm is able to pool resources and leverage competenciesa. single-business b. related c. dominant business d. unrelated
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Money manager of a 4.82 million investment fund...

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