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What will happen if you miss a monthly credit card payment?

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2standard deviation a particular telephone number is used to receive both voice calls and fax messages. suppose that 25% of the incoming calls involve fax messages, and consider a sample of 25 incoming calls. (a) what is the expected number of calls among the 25 that involve a fax message?
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In business, what would be the input, conversion and output of operating a summer band camp
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Which of the following is not consistent with level​ scheduling? a. using​ built-up inventory to meet demand requirements b. varying the use of subcontracting c. varying production levels​ and/or work force to meet demand requirements d. finding alternative work for employees during​ low-demand periods e. all of the above are inconsistent with the pure level strategy.
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Jackson is preparing for his hearing before the federal communications commission (fcc) involving a complaint that was filed against him by the fcc regarding the interruption of radio frequency. the order to "cease and desist" using the radio frequency has had a detrimental impact on his business. jackson is not with the final order by the administrative-law judge denying his request that the "cease and desist" order be lifted. can jackson appeal the order? yes, jackson can appeal the order to a federal court if he so chooses. no, a final order is a final order.
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