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Case Study: Communicating Ethics at Cisco Summary: Technology provider Cisco Systems Inc. puts a high value on ethics and corporate social responsibility. Cisco had been cramming ethics information down employees’ throats. Because employees are tech-savvy engineers, the in-person, PowerPoint-based training was not working. Cisco decided to make the ethics and compliance program fun. Questions 1. What are the advantages of Ethics Idol as an ethics training communication medium over in-person PowerPoint training? 2. Would you enjoy this type of training program? Why or why not? 3. Can you think of other ways ethics and corporate social responsibility information could be communicated in an engaging way?

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Each of the four independent situations below describes a sales-type lease in which annual lease payments of $12,500 are payable at the beginning of each year. each is a finance lease for the lessee. (fv of $1, pv of $1, fva of $1, pva of $1, fvad of $1 and pvad of $1) (use appropriate factor(s) from the tables provided.) situation 1 2 3 4 lease term (years) 3 3 3 3 asset’s useful life (years) 3 4 4 6 lessor’s implicit rate (known by lessee) 14 % 14 % 14 % 14 % residual value: guaranteed by lessee 0 $ 5,000 $ 2,500 0 unguaranteed 0 0 $ 2,500 $ 5,000 purchase option: after (years) none 2 3 3 exercise price n/a $ 7,500 $ 1,500 $ 3,500 reasonably certain? n/a no no yes
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Mai and chuck have been divorced since 2012. they have three boys, ages 6, 8, and 10. all of the boys live with mai and she receives child support from chuck. mai and chuck both work and the boys need child care before and after school. te boys attend the fun house day care center and mai paid them $2,000 and chuck paid them $3,000. mai's agi is $18,000 and chuck's is $29,000. mai will claim two of the boys as dependents. she signed form 8332 which allows chuck to claim one of the boys. who can take the child and dependent care credit?
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Simon, aged 10, is invited to a classmate's birthday party at an exclusive ski resort on march 15th. the day will include 4 hours of snowboarding, lunch and birthday cake. simon's mother checks a box on the invitation that says "yes, we will attend" and returns it to the classmate's address. unfortunately, they later don't attend the party when simon comes down with the flu. on march 17th, simon's mother receives an invoice in the mail from simon's classmate for $35 that says, "party no-show fee." can simon's classmate collect the fee?
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After the embarrassing sign incident at the restaurant you own, you decide to offer employees a six-week fundamental writing skills workshop. a local business communication instructor, who has experience teaching writing skills at treleaven community college, will facilitate the sessions. to encourage employees to attend these optional sessions, write an email that explains why you’re offering the workshop and why employees should participate.
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