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If an investment adviser places an advertisement in a newspaper offering a free brochure to those who call, under NASAA's Model Rule on Unethical Business Practices of Investment Advisers, Investment Adviser Representatives, and Federal Covered Advisers, what may the adviser require from callers as a condition of receiving the brochure

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Peppy roaney believes that pizza is a much more versatile dish than most people realize. as the national marketing manager for pizza guys, he observed how consumers were delighted with barbecue pizza, hawaiian pizza, mexican pizza and other unique combinations. his suggestions for other unusual pizzas, however, were met with a negative response by his superiors. even some of his colleagues laughed at his ideas. peppy's confidence in his ability to understand the market has led him to focus on planning a business of his own. peppy realizes that he will take a risk when he leaves his job with pizza guys and embarks upon a new venture: peppy's pizzazzeria. peppy is excited about the potential of profitably catering to the unmet desires of pizza consumers. peppy is confident that peppy's pizzazzeria will be a success, but only if he has enough money to do things right. since peppy has very little personal wealth, he knows he must obtain financial assistance. in order to prepare for meetings with bankers and p
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Big trail running company has started to produce running apparel in addition to the trail running shoes that they have manufactured for years. they feel that a departmental overhead rate would best reflect their overall manufacturing overhead usage. based on research the following information was gathered for the upcoming year: machining department finishing department estimated manufacturing overhead by department $ 600 comma 000 $ 400 comma 000 trail running shoes 440 comma 000 machine hours 11 comma 000 direct labor hours running apparel 60 comma 000 machine hours 39 comma 000 direct labor hours manufacturing overhead is driven by machine hours for the machining department and direct labor hours for the finishing department. at the end of the year, the following information was gathered related to the production of the trail running shoes and running apparel: machining department finishing department trail running shoes 442 comma 000 hours 10 comma 500 hours running apparel 57 comma 000 hours 40 comma 000 hours how much manufacturing overhead will be allocated to the trail running shoes
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Match the vocabulary word to the correct definition. 1. sexual harassment 2. terminate 3. recruitment 4. professional development 5. union a. any unwanted sexual attention, the suggestions that maintaining one’s job or professional advancement depends on sexual favors, or verbal and/or physical harassment of a sexual nature b. to fire from a job or end a professional relationship c. an organization of those in the same industry who join together to more effectively bargain with employers d. the process of attracting and hiring employees e. continuing education in a chosen field
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Nice corporation produces and sells a single product. data concerning that product appear below: per unit percent of sales selling price $ 250 100 % variable expenses 50 20 % contribution margin $ 200 80 % fixed expenses are $170,000 per month. the company is currently selling 1,600 units per month. required: management is considering using a new component that would increase the unit variable cost by $35. since the new component would improve the company's product, the marketing manager predicts that monthly sales would increase by 300 units. what should be the overall effect on the company's monthly net operating income of this change if fixed expenses are unaffected?
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If an investment adviser places an advertisement in a newspaper offering a free brochure to those wh...

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