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Margaret Lindley paid $15,160 of interest on her $301,600 acquisition debt for her home (fair market value of $501,600), $4,160 of interest on her $30,160 home-equity loan which was towards the purchase of a personal-use automobile, $1,160 of credit card interest, and $3,160 of interest on a loan used for the purchase of stock. Assume that Margaret Lindley has $10,160 of interest income this year and no investment expenses. How much of the interest expense may she deduct this year

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Choose the list of the best uses for word processing software. lists, resumes, writing a book, and payroll data letters to your friends, resumes, spreadsheets, and school papers resumes, cover letters, databases, and crossword puzzles book reports, letters to your friends, resumes, and contracts
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Shrieves casting company is considering adding a new line to its product mix, and the capital budgeting analysis is being conducted by sidney johnson, a recently graduated mba. the production line would be set up in unused space in the main plant. the machinery’s invoice price would be approximately $200,000, another $10,000 in shipping charges would be required, and it would cost an additional $30,000 to install the equipment. the machinery has an economic life of 4 years, and shrieves has obtained a special tax ruling that places the equipment in the macrs 3-year class. the machinery is expected to have a salvage value of $25,000 after 4 years of use. the new line would generate incremental sales of 1,250 units per year for 4 years at an incremental cost of $100 per unit in the first year, excluding depreciation. each unit can be sold for $200 in the first year. the sales price and cost are both expected to increase by 3% per year due to inflation. further, to handle the new line, the firm’s net working capital would have to increase by an amount equal to 12% of sales revenues. the firm’s tax rate is 40%, and its overall weighted average cost of capital, which is the risk-adjusted cost of capital for an average project (r), is 10%. define “incremental cash flow.” (1) should you subtract interest expense or dividends when calculating project cash flow?
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Consider derek's budget information: materials to be used totals $64,750; direct labor totals $198,400; factory overhead totals $394,800; work in process inventory january 1, $189,100; and work in progress inventory on december 31, $197,600. what is the budgeted cost of goods manufactured for the year? a. $1,044,650 b. $649,450 c. $657,950 d. $197,600
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Margaret Lindley paid $15,160 of interest on her $301,600 acquisition debt for her home (fair market...

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