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What is the basic economic problem that makes choices necessary ?

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Sometimes, deciding how you will pay for a large purchase is easy. for example, if you were buying a car and you didn’t have enough cash, you would get a car loan. however, sometimes the decision is a little more difficult. for example, if you were adding a deck onto the back of your house, how would you pay for the supplies? would you use your credit card, get a home equity loan, or take a personal loan? when the decision is more difficult, it is smart to use the paced decision-making process. in this project, you will use the decision-making process to two people, emmitt and carmen, make a decision about how to pay for two large purchases. objectives use the decision-making process to identify the most cost-effective option for making large purchases. purchase one read the following scenario. research options for payment, and use the paced decision-making model to decide how emmitt should pay for the television. remember, the paced steps are to define the problem, list the alternatives, select criteria, evaluate the alternatives, and make a decision. example: emmitt wants to buy a new flat screen television. the cost of the television is $539. he has a credit card with a credit limit of $1,000 and an apr of 22 percent. the store offers him store credit with six months no interest and an apr of 22 percent. this means if he pays the balance in the first six months, he doesn’t pay any interest. if he doesn’t pay off the balance in the first six months, then he starts paying 22 percent interest on the balance thats left. since he just paid off his car loan, he can afford to pay $100 each month. this means it would be possible for him to pay the balance within six months. he also has a great credit score and could obtain a personal loan. remember, the goal is to find the most cost-effective option for purchasing the tv. how should emmitt pay for the television? part a: how should emmitt pay for the television? part b: which car loan should carmen choose?
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In its 2016 annual report, caterpillar inc. reported the following (in millions): 2016 2015 sales $38,537 $47,011 cost of goods sold 28,309 33,546 as a percentage of sales, did caterpillar's gross profit increase or decrease during 2016? select one: a. gross profit increased from 26.8% to 28.6% b. gross profit decreased from 28.6% to 26.5% c. gross profit increased from 71.4% to 73.2% d. gross profit decreased from 73.2% to 71.4% e. there is not enough information to answer the question.
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Which of the following is a characteristic of market grouping? a. it occurs when a domestic firm joins with a foreign company to create a new entity. b. it occurs when a trade agreement dramatically lowers trade barriers across the world. c. it occurs when several countries agree to work together to form a common trade area. d. it occurs when government efforts stifle imports or investment by foreign corporations.
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Using the following​ information, complete the income​ statement, statement of retained​ earnings, and balance sheet for dr painting for the month of march 2018. the business began operations on march ​1, 2018. accounts receivable $1,800 salaries expense $1,300 accounts payable 1,400 service revenue 10,500 cash 23,500 office supplies 1,900 stock issued during march 40,000 truck 18,680 dividends paid during march 4,500 utilities expense 220
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