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Francine corporation produces a product which sells for $40. variable manufacturing costs are $20 per unit. a selling commission of 10 percent of the selling price is paid on each unit sold. fixed manufacturing costs are $5 per unit based on the current level of activity, and fixed selling and administrative costs are $4 per unit. the contribution margin per unit is:

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21. assume the following cost information for murdoch company: selling price $120 per unit variable costs $80 per unit total fixed costs $80,000 tax rate 40% what minimum volume of sales dollars is required to earn an aftertax net income of $30,000? a) $465,000 b) $330,000 c) $390,000 d) $165,000
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Grey company holds an overdue note receivable of $800,000 plus recorded accrued interest of $64,000. the effective interest rate is 8%. as the result of a court-imposed settlement on december 31, year 3, grey agreed to the following restructuring arrangement: reduced the principal obligation to $600,000.forgave the $64,000 accrued interest. extended the maturity date to december 31, year 5.annual interest of $40,000 is to be paid to grey on december 31, year 4 and year 5. the present value of the interest and principal payments to be received by grey company discounted for two years at 8% is $585,734. grey does not elect the fair value option for reporting the debt modification. on december 31, year 3, grey would recognize a valuation allowance for impaired loans of
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Alarge university wanted to study the relationship between completing an internship during college and students' future earning potential. prom the same graduating class, they selected a random sample of 80 students who completed an internship and 100 students who did not complete an internship and examined their salaries five years after graduation. they found that there was a statistically higher mean salary for the internship group than for the noninternship group. which of the following interpretations is the most appropriate? a. there could be a confounding variable, such as student major, that explains the difference in mean salary between the internship and no internship groups. b. we cannot infer anything from these data since the distribution of salaries is likely right skewed. c. you cannot draw any valid conclusions because the sample sizes are different. d. more students should complete internships because having an internship produces a higher salary.
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Ayear-end review of accounts receivable and estimated uncollectible percentages revealed the​ following: days outstanding accounts receivable est. percent uncollectible 1-30 days $ 64,000 2​% 31-60 days $ 40,000 4​% 61-90 days $ 24,000 10​% over 90 days $ 9,000 51​% before the year-end ​adjustment, the credit balance in allowance for uncollectible accounts was $ 900. under the aging-of-receivables ​method, the balance in the allowance for uncollectible accounts will be​ after the adjusting entry is made.
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Francine corporation produces a product which sells for $40. variable manufacturing costs are $20 pe...

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