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Do you think it ethical and appropriate for marshall to have used himself as a test subject and swallowed a sample of helicobacter pylori? what precautions did he take? would you do it? why or why not?

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Diversified semiconductors sells perishable electronic components. some must be shipped and stored in reusable protective containers. customers pay a deposit for each container received. the deposit is equal to the container’s cost. they receive a refund when the container is returned. during 2018, deposits collected on containers shipped were $856,000. deposits are forfeited if containers are not returned within 18 months. containers held by customers at january 1, 2018, represented deposits of $587,000. in 2018, $811,000 was refunded and deposits forfeited were $41,000. required: 1. prepare the appropriate journal entries for the deposits received and returned during 2018. 2. determine the liability for refundable deposits to be reported on the december 31, 2018, balance sheet.
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Ann chovies, owner of the perfect pasta pizza parlor, uses 20 pounds of pepperoni each day in preparing pizzas. order costs for pepperoni are $10.00 per order, and carrying costs are 4 cents per pound per day. lead time for each order is three days, and the pepperoni itself costs $3.00 per pound. if she were to order 80 pounds of pepperoni at a time, what would be the average inventory level?
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Evaluate a real situation between two economic actors; it could be any scenario: two competing businesses, two countries in negotiations, two kids trading baseball cards, you and another person involved in an exchange or anything else. use game theory to analyze the situation and the outcome (or potential outcome). be sure to explain the incentives, benefits and risks each face.
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Afirm is producing at minimum average total cost with its current plant. draw the firm's long-run average cost curve. label it. draw a point on the lrac curve at which the firm cannot lower its average total cost. draw the firm's short-run average total cost curve that is consistent with the point you have drawn. label it. g
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Do you think it ethical and appropriate for marshall to have used himself as a test subject and swal...

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