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Aforeclosure sale generated $500,000. what is the first item to be paid out of this amount?

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You decide that structural changes must be made at holden evans immediately to deal with the additional product lines. equipment and employees will have to be moved around to optimize production of all of the products in house. this shouldn't be too difficult because many of the vitamins and supplements are produced using similar processes. you have several options available to facilitate this process. which of the following methods do you think is the best choice? select an option from the choices below and click submit. because the changes may result in the loss of several key employees, you hire outside consultants who specialize in hr law. this way any employee terminations will not result in lawsuits. you select an outside consulting firm that your company has never worked with before, but it has a reputation for using new technology in product lines that are similar to yours. you select several trusted managers to facilitate the transition of operations from overseas. these individuals can gather information and also smooth any rough spots that may occur.
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Recently, verizon wireless ran a pricing trial in order to estimate the elasticity of demand for its services. the manager selected three states that were representative of its entire service area and increased prices by 5 percent to customers in those areas. one week later, the number of customers enrolled in verizon's cellular plans declined 4 percent in those states, while enrollments in states where prices were not increased remained flat. the manager used this information to estimate the own-price elasticity of demand and, based on her findings, immediately increased prices in all market areas by 5 percent in an attempt to boost the company's 2016 annual revenues. one year later, the manager was perplexed because verizon's 2016 annual revenues were 10 percent lower than those in 2015"the price increase apparently led to a reduction in the company's revenues. did the manager make an error? yes - the one-week measures show demand is inelastic, so a price increase will decrease revenues. yes - the one-week measures show demand is elastic, so a price increase will reduce revenues. yes - cell phone elasticity is likely much larger in the long-run than the short-run. no - the cell phone market must have changed between 2011 and 2012 for this price increase to lower revenues.
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Name and describe one strategy used in the execution phase to monitor or control the project.
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Ryan fabrication allocates manufacturing overhead to each job using departmental overhead rates.​ ryan's operations are divided into a metal casting department and a metal finishing department. the casting department uses a departmental overhead rate of​ $52 per machine​ hour, while the finishing department uses a departmental overhead rate of​ $28 per direct labor hour. job a216 used the following direct labor hours and machine hours in the two​ departments: actual results casting department finishing department direct labor hours used 5 12 machine hours used 4 3 the cost for direct labor is​ $32 per direct labor hour and the cost of the direct materials used by job a216 is​ $1,800. what was the total cost of job a216 if ryan fabrication used the departmental overhead rates to allocate manufacturing​ overhead?
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Aforeclosure sale generated $500,000. what is the first item to be paid out of this amount?...

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