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Field patterns are the same in all parts of the world. select the best answer from the choices provided t f

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Mario performed an experiment to determine if photosynthesis was affected by the amount of light that a plant received. what could he have done to increase the validity of his data? reduce the number of plants. remove the 1 hour group. add a 0 hours control. measure the oxygen in liters
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The collared lizard is a species found in the desert southwest. male collared lizards show considerable color variation, ranging from brightly colored to a very dull pattern. your goal is to determine the function, if any, of male color patterns in collared lizards, using the scientific method. your tentative explanation is that male color plays a role in attracting females for mating purposes. you predict that females will preferentially choose brightly colored males over dull-colored ones. to test this prediction, you observed the interactions of female collared lizards with their male counterparts. you selected males that were the same age and size, and that differed only in their coloration pattern. you placed equal numbers of the two types of male lizards, bright and dull, in aquariums, along with one female lizard per aquarium. out of 350 aquariums observed, the female chose to mate with the brightly colored male 277 times, and the dull-colored male 70 times. in 3 instances, the females did not mate with either type. create a bar graph of your data, plotting the type of male (dull or brightly colored) on the x-axis. on the y-axis, plot the frequency with which each type of male was chosen by females. using this graph, answer the following question(s). is it reasonable to conclude (i. e., is it supported by the data) that female collared lizards prefer more brightly colored male lizards over dull-colored males?
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Which statements describe resources? one of the factors people use when deciding where they will live is the availability of resources. renewable resources have little value for people. resources are unevenly distributed throughout the world. energy is the world resource which has the highest use. the use of nonrenewable resources has decreased in recent history. the use of resources is evenly distributed throughout the world. the world's oil supply will last for the next forty years if its use continues as expected.
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Hector is back from his morning run and is feeling light-headed because his energy is depleted which food item will provide him with a quick source of carbohydrates
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Field patterns are the same in all parts of the world. select the best answer from the choices prov...

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