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Which one of the following criteria is necessary for natural selection to occur

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Study this image which statement best describes the rock shown check all that apply
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Which nucleotide component contains nitrogen
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Which of the following is a true statement? question 8 options: populations can't evolve, only individual organisms. individuals have adaptations that can change over time. individuals have traits that may or may not make them successful at reproduction. individuals evolve to have adaptations.
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Subduction zones form when an oceanic plate collides with another oceanic plate or continental plate. the continental crust is lighter and less dense than oceanic crust. continental crust's density is approximately 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter. oceanic crust is thinner and the average density is about 3.3 cubic centimeters. when the two crustal plates converge the oceanic plate always bends and subducts beneath a continental plate. once the oceanic crust subjects, the rocks are subjected to changes in heat and pressure. because of this, we would expect to find rocks in the area of a subduction. a) clastic b) igneous c) metamorphic d) sedimentary
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Which one of the following criteria is necessary for natural selection to occur...

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